The language school Hollabrunn was founded in 2000 as an association with the aim to promote German as a foreign or second language by holding language courses. Since 2003, the Hollabrunn language school has also been certified by the Austrian Integration Fund for holding German integration courses and taking exams.

More than 400 young people from numerous countries have since improved their German language skills as part of our summer language camps, over 350 adult participants have participated in our courses and successfully passed the required exams.

Board of Directors

Chairman                    Hofrat Mag. Helmut Wunderl
Deputy Chairman.     Mag. Birgit Lerch-Wittmann
Secretary                     Mag. Gerlinde Graninger
Secretary Deputy.     Mag. Christine Schörg
Treasurer                    Helene Vogelsinger
Treasurer Deputy.    Mag. Elisabeth Lillich