Courses for migrants

Anyone who speaks good German is able to feel at home in Austria, can communicate in everyday life and work and participate in society. Good knowledge of German is the key to integration.

That’s why we offer

  • communication-oriented evening or afternoon courses
  • Excursions to offices and authorities
  • Day trip to Vienna
  • Final exam

In our courses, participants acquire German language skills at levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference and the ability to pass the examinations required to complete the integration agreement.

Process and content

Our language courses include 150 practice units over a period of approximately 25 weeks. They usually take place twice a week in the afternoon or evening and last for 3 hours including a break (equivalent to three practice units).

The language of instruction is German, our course instructors are certified language teachers for German as a foreign language. In group sizes up to max. 15 people are taught communication-oriented, which means that in particular the spoken language, but also the written language or the communication via electronic media is at the center.

We use the course books of the series: Pluspunkt Deutsch – Österreich. The contents are specifically geared towards migrants, practice-oriented and prepare for everyday situations.

Getting to know Austrian culture is the focus of the topics covered in the course, especially for migrants. Excursions to the federal capital as well as to offices and authorities reduce not only linguistic barriers. Of course, we also support with authorities.

Invoices and examinations

The Sprachschule Hollabrunn is certified by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) for the holding of German courses and holds the license of the Österreichischen Sprachdiploms (Austrian Language Diploma) (ÖSD) for the acceptance of the necessary examinations.


The cost of a course is 900 EUR and must be paid upon arrival.

Asylum seekers can apply for funding from the Austrian Integration Fund (at least 80% attendance required).

Course start

The beginning of a new course is demand-oriented, so please contact our secretariat.